MIM are so much more than a band. They are dynamic musicians, able to educate and entertain and highly skilled in their unique, modern artform.

Ashfield school, nottingham, UK

Library at the Dock, Melbourne, Australia

TOpics covered

  • Ableton Live: Industry standard audio production and live performance software.
  • Resolumevideo projection software.
  • MIDI bass and guitar: Hybrid PRO guitars built in Sydney, Australia by Industrial Radio.
  • Electronic drumming: For the tech-inclined drummer.
  • Indie Touring 101: Plan, tour, sleep, repeat.


..(M.I.M’s) use of technology was really interesting and their approach could be applied to workshops with people of varying abilities and experience. I would highly recommend their workshop if you are interested in cutting edge music technology and creativity.

Neil Robertson – Team leader, darebin youth services (melbourne)

M.I.M Story

Matty and Jarman have been performing together for over ten years and delivering workshops for over six years in Australia and Europe. M.I.M’s journey began by wanting to perform electronic music live without giving up their preferred instruments (guitar, bass and drums).

Jarman sold his car to buy an Industrial Radio MIDI bass guitar – a pro bass which can also control music software and hardware via MIDI. Matty also off-loaded his beloved Gretsch jazz drum kit and committed to being an electronic drummer going forward.

M.I.M obtained valuable mentoring from Belgian live electronic music pioneers and developers Herrmutt Lobby in 2013. This set them on a path of software customisation using Ableton Live, Max for Live and eventually live video controllerism using Resolume.

Ashfield School, Nottingham UK.

MIM’s presentation at the Ableton User Group in Melbourne, was an energetic and head-spinning performance meets lecture  on how they seamlessly integrate music and technology

Matt Ridgway- Ableton user group melbourne

industry collaboration

M.I.M have a long working relationship wth Industrial Radio, home to the industry leading FRETSENSE™ MIDI guitar & MIDI bass. Jarman is a featured artist at Industrial Radio, alongside artists from Little Dragon, Living Colour and Baby Animals. On request, M.I.M are available for MIDI guitar and bass clinics. Jarman moderates the Industrial Radio Users Group and is a world leader in the application of FRETSENSE™ technology. 

M.I.M talk ir midibass