Men Imitating Machines

M.I.M have conducted workshops in Australia, the UK, Germany, Luxembourg and Czech Republic. They have worked in collaboration with the City of Melbourne (Aus), City of Darebin (Aus), North Melbourne Institute of TAFE (Aus), Ableton User Group Melbourne (Aus), Wavemaker (UK), Ashfield School (UK), Riff Factory (UK), Panke (De), Odradek (De), Pohoda Music Club (Cz) and The Grape Sound Collective (Lux).

M.I.M Machine Craft workshops focus on using MIDI instruments to play electronic music live, just like a band. Workshops include use of:

  • The Australian built Industrial Radio MIDI bass guitar
  • Electronic/MIDI drums
  • Ableton Live
  • Max for Live
  • The control of live projections using your MIDI instrument
  • Trouble shooting for live performance

M.I.M also do private lessons and consulting sessions for your band if you want help setting up a functional live show using MIDI tools.

Below: M.I.M school workshop at one of the UK's largest schools.

Below: M.I.M Melbourne workshop, Australia

Venue: Library at the Dock, Docklands (with City of Melbourne)

Below: M.I.M Plzeƈ workshop, Czech Republic

Venue: Pohoda Music Club

Below: M.I.M Stoke workshop, UK

Venue: Riff Factory, Stoke

Below: M.I.M Darebin Music Feast workshop, Melbourne

Ableton User Group Melbourne

Below: M.I.M Decibels Records Workshop

City of Darebin