Upcoming shows


live electronic marquee 13


744 high st, thornbury

17/08/2018 6pm-1am

M.I.M @ Bar open

Bar Open

317 Brunswick st, fitzroy

27/09/2018 9pm till late

past  shows



Men Imitating Machines have been performing for 10 years in Australia. They have ventured to Europe 3 times since 2013 to perform and deliver workshops in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic. The boys are currently planning another European tour for 2019.

Notable Oz shows:

  • Rainbow Serpent Festival
  • Tanglewood Festival
  • St Kilda Festival
  • Maitreya Festival
  • Earthcore
  • Bojangles Festivals 

Notable shows outside Oz:

  • Landjuweel Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Bangfest (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Picnic Solar (Bogotá, Colombia)