Upcoming shows


M.I.M are currently heavily engaged in tax avoidance and offshore shell companies through their Mimings Compost enterprise. The compost business is booming and we aint got no time for stinkin’ gigs at the moment. Join our IPCO (Initial Public Compost Offering) mailing list to stay up to date with future gigs.

past  shows


Men Imitating Machines are from Australia and have been performing for 15 years. They have ventured to Europe many times since 2013 to perform and deliver
workshops in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic. 

Notable shows:


Nimbin Roots Festival
Rainbow Serpent Festival
Tanglewood Festival
St Kilda Festival
Maitreya Festival
Bojangles Festivals
Folk, Rhythm & Life (FRL) Festival
Every Picture Tells a Story
Culture Jam (Unusual Suspects, Barrel of Monkeys)

Western Europe and South America
Landjuweel Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Bangfest (Brussels, Belgium)
Picnic Solar (Bogotá, Colombia)
Tunbridge Wells Forum (UK)
Fête de la Musique Festival (Luxembourg)

Workshops and seminars

Melbourne Library Service
City of Darebin, Melbourne (Darebin Music Feast, Decibels Records)
Darebin Youth Services, Melbourne
Ableton User Group Melbourne
Live Electronic Musicians of Melbourne

Western Europe
PANKE, Berlin, Germany
LAMAB Youth Centre Luxembourg
Ashfield School, Nottingham, UK
Pohoda Music Club, Plzn, Czech Republic
Wavemaker, Stoke, UK