Compost or Get Lost!

Mimings compost is currently experiencing extremely high demand for our products. Bunnings (our minor competitor) are, quite frankly, shitting themselves. If you wish you purchase Mimings compost in domestic quantities (less than 5 tonnes) please send us an email explaining how Mimings compost would contribute to a more fulfilling life for you and your family. The dudes may abide.

Jarman, Tommy and Matty

Chief Executive Soil Conditioning Officers | Men Imitating Machines

Engaging customer experience so that as an end result, we be CMSable. Leverage below the fold and finally gain traction. Generating bleeding edge and creating actionable insights.

Bryan Watkins

Brand Expert | Mantell Design

Generating best in class in order to improve overall outcomes. Inform outside the box thinking and finally target the low hanging fruit. Repurose big data and possibly gain traction.

Jeff Simmons

Support Staff | Gerwyn Financial

Where lowest standards are just the beginning

If you find a higher price, we will beat it by adding 10%, GUARANTEED!